5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Home With A Pool

Dated: June 18 2022

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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Home with a Pool

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Home with a Pool

With summer in full swing in the Tampa Bay area, many folks turn to their swimming pools to beat the summer heat. For homeowners and renters that don’t have a pool, this is the time of year we often see buyers thinking about upgrading to a home with a swimming pool or building one at their current home.

As someone who bought a home without a swimming pool and went through the process of building a custom pool in our backyard, I’d love to share 5 things every homeowner should know about owning a home with a swimming pool to help you decide if a pool is the right choice for you.

5 Things to Know:

A Pool Requires Weekly Maintenance- When we built our pool, we opted for a saltwater swimming pool. We added some cool things like an ‘auto-filler’ to the pool’s system so it would add water on its own during dry periods of weather. This is just one thing you’ll need to keep an eye on (low water levels can ruin your pool’s motor). Other items that must be maintained are the chemical levels, filters, and pool sweeps. If you live in a property part-time or just don’t have the time to maintain your pool, a weekly pool service is something you’ll want to consider as well. Check out this article on why balanced pool chemicals are a MUST.

It’s a Great Place for Entertaining- Having a backyard oasis with a fabulous swimming pool makes it the perfect space for entertaining friends and family. I can confidently say my family has hosted many get togethers with kids and adults on hot summer days thanks to our swimming pool! Need some outdoor inspiration for your next pool party? Check out our Favorite Poolside Cocktails Here or our Top 10 Summer Backyard BBQ Recipes Here.  

Owning a Pool is an Added Expense to Your Budget and Here’s Why- Not only will you need to maintain the pool chemicals and periodically add water to the pool, you’ll also see an increase in your electric bill (and gas bill if you have a gas heater for winter months), have routine parts that need to be replaced (think pool filter, salt cells, the pool motor, etc), and will likely need to refinish your pool’s surface every 7-10 years. Additionally, if you get too busy to maintain your pool’s chemical balance on your own (like us) you’ll need to hire a pool company to handle it for you (In Pinellas County, the average cost is $120-$150 per month for weekly service). Your insurance company may also increase your premium if you build a pool or buy a similar home with a pool. You’ll be required to add safety components to a new pool area to get insurance once it's complete as well. Older pools may require safety upgrades too (Your insurance company will advise on this). 

A Swimming Pool Adds Value To Your Home When You Sell It- In the Tampa Bay area, a home with an operable, well-maintained pool that's compared to a similar home without a pool in the same neighborhood will absolutely sell for more money than the home with no pool. Granted, your home will have higher carrying costs with a pool (see above point), there will be added value if you ever decide to sell your home. While it’s true there are some folks that don’t want a pool, the real estate market commands higher prices for pool homes in our area. Remember, compared to homes up North, a pool in the Tampa Bay area of Florida can pretty much be used year-round.

You’ll Be Required to Have Basic Safety Measures in Place- Speaking of homeowners insurance requirements, the State of Florida also has its own set of requirements for owning a pool, which can vary in different municipalities. For instance, the majority of homeowners with a pool will be required to have a fenced backyard or a dedicated, secured fence around the pool to prevent drownings. In our home, we also had to add an alarm system to the windows that faced our pool (it was very easy to install) as well as an alarm on the exterior door that leads to our backyard to meet the current safety requirements. Beyond what’s required by your insurance company and state and local governments, you’ll want to make sure your pool is safe for children, pets, or even elderly family members who may live with you. There are a variety of safety measures you can take to prevent falls, injuries and drownings in your pool...CLICK HERE to see some of the basics.


After considering the above points, if a pool is in the cards for you, then now may be the time to start searching for homes with a swimming pool. CLICK HERE to see the MOST RECENT list of homes for sale in Pinellas County with Swimming Pools! (This link is updated continuously for your convenience.)

Search Pool Homes in Pinellas County, FL Now

If you’re considering building a pool, just remember, pool builders often have lead times of 2-3 months right now (sometimes longer for the best builders) before they can even begin a new project. The timeline to build a pool from start to finish is often 4-6 months…if you have a reputable pool builder. **If you just need to repair or refinish your existing pool to get it into tip-top shape, the timeline will be much shorter.** Before you select a pool builder, always get references from past clients and make sure you schedule time to have a look at the some of the builder’s completed projects- IN PERSON. (It is a BIG RED FLAG if a pool builder cannot provide references from past clients or take you to a past project they've completed to see their work in person.) 

Have more questions about owning a home with a pool or need help with your home search? CONTACT US today with our simple online form or call our skilled team of experienced Realtors at (727) 400-3315. We'd LOVE to help you buy or sell your next home!

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